Outdoor Learning for Butler Primary School

There are real physiological, social and academic benefits to taking learning outside and with a $10,000 grant from the State Government Butler Primary School has been able to extend our learning environment to the great outdoors.

Outdoor learning is more than just a refreshing substitute for indoor learning. Outdoor learning comes with its own benefits and can be an option for everyone. Some benefits worth considering are:

Outdoor settings provide interactions that may, have the potential to, feed cognitive engagement;

Outdoors is never the same twice so may, have the potential to, promote nimble thinking;

Outdoor learning may enhance sensory awareness;

Outdoor learning has the potential to provide numerous health benefits; and

Outdoor learning has the potential to provide multi-sensory stimulation.

The creation of our outdoor classroom gives Butler Primary School’s teachers the opportunity to maximise and expand teaching and learning

 strategies for our students.