Pre Kindy Playgroup

Our Pre Kindy Playgroup hopes to involve your child in fun learning experiences through play that will encourage social skills such as taking turns and sharing. We include activities to help develop listening skills and language, fine and gross motor skills, colour and shape recognition plus literacy and mathematics concepts.

Pre Kindy Playgroup commences in the second week of each term and is held on every second Wednesday (even weeks) throughout the term. Sessions are held in a kindy classroom within the Kindy and Pre-Primary play area. On the alternate (odd) week, during the designated time, parents are welcome to bring their pre-kindy child to school to play in the Kindy and Pre-Primary Playground and to visit the school Library to borrow a book.

Sessions begin promptly at 9.30am and conclude at 11.30am. Parents stay with their child for the 2 hours. This ensures that they have quality interaction time with their child. Parent support is crucial during mat sessions to model appropriate listening and interacting behaviours alongside the children.

Parents will need to organise care for crawling babies and toddlers as the focus of the group needs to be on the pre-kindy child.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our Pre Kindy program please enquire if places are available by phoning the school office on 9561 7700 or making enquiries in person. A place in the program will be secured upon submission of enrolment forms and payment of term fees.

Cost per term: $50.00

Program Co-ordinator: Mrs Alison Johnston

Pre-Kindy 2021